The way we work

Digitization can be very simple, for example by replacing a paper process by automating an Excel sheet or implementing an approval flow. Digitization can also become complex when it involves multiple systems and processes. Whether you want automate, innovate or want to analyze your data is most efficient way, it works better when you work together to find the right solution. You know your business best, we know how we can make it even better. Want to know how? 

Our way of working follows a certain project organization. We first explore together to see if we can help each other out. Perhaps you would like an inspiration session first, an exploratory call or a demo if you already have your set of requirements ready. 

Great we want to work together, whats next!  

We start with a Discovery & Design phase. We will plan workshops with the right people and define together the problem the solution will need to solve. We will define the users, the goals, the tasks and more. We will always make sure we will guide you from the current situation to the envisioned situation.  

With all discovered information our team can retreat and start designing. No, we won’t send you pages full of elobaration after we finished a design. We will show you a framework as we find it important that you will get a feeling of what you will be working with. Some final feedback? No problem. We need your confirmation after the Discovery & Design phase before we will continue realizing it.  

You like what you see, let’s move on! 

The next phase of the project is the realization. We will set up the data and security model, create the User Interface, build in processes or automation and create the solution. Then we need your help to perform unit tests, end-to-end tests and a final acceptance test. Together will train the users and publish the solution. You are LIVE and ready to go!