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On a digital transformation journey?

Your business model and your support systems need the agility, scalability, and cost-efficiency to enable innovation and growth. The Microsoft Power Platform enables your business to analyze, act, and automate operations in a secure Cloud environment. Be Empowered will help you gain the flexibility to transform your business in any direction possible.

Choose a track

As a dedicated Microsoft Power Platform partner we developed two different approaches based on Agile Scrum in which you as a client together with us consultants co-develop and deploy a functionality in a set timeframe. 

Transform your business in 10 days

Be Rapid

Small steps, great results. Be Rapid can be used to:

  • Create simple business processes
  • Replace a data entry spreadsheet
  • Automate repetitive manual work
  • Modernize a dialog
  • Create a smart form
  • Implement a functionality template
Transform your business in 10 weeks or less

Be Empowered 

Embrace innovation in manageable steps. Be Empowered can be used to:

  • Implement complex business processes
  • Replace legacy software
  • Modernize data integrations
  • Setup modern ‘chatbot’ customer support
  • Create an extendable in-company app structure

Need more info?

How we do what we do

The Be Rapid or Be Empowered project track follows four phases: Discovery & Design, Confirmation, Realization and Deployment in a set timeframe which ensures a clear overview and helps manage your expectations of the anticipated result. Both project tracks require a dynamic collaboration between your organization and us consultants. 

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Discovery & Design

Together we will plot out your problem, map out the users and the goals the solution needs to meet


Click Dummy

User Acceptance Test


By continuously confirming your wishes you will always get the end product envisioned with the experience and expertise from us

Assurance Document


End-2-End Testing


Creating a solution, data and security model in the right UI, with the right processes, state management and automation

Data Model

Business Processes



After publishing, we will distribute the application

Unit Tests

Publish Application

Distribute Application

What services we deliver

We provide a wide array of software design and development services.

Application Development

  • Solution Development
  • Rapid Prototyping

Application Modernization

  • Application Modernization
  • Application Replacement
  • Process Optimization

Analysis & Reporting Solutions

  • Solution Development
  • Dashboards
  • Data Management

Business Analysis Services

  • Envisioning Workshops
  • Technology Roadmaps

Why Microsoft Power Platform?

Accelerate your development with low-code—analyze data, build apps, automate processes, and create virtual agents more quickly than ever.

Reality. There’s no better day.