Meet the team: Ellen Oosterwijk

Be Empowered (label of Dynamic People) consists of a group of Microsoft Power Platform enthusiasts with an ambition to support people and organizations in their innovation process. Today we introduce you to Ellen Oosterwijk: Business Developer. Who is she? You can read that here.


Lifelong learning

What did you study? “What not? 😊After high school I started studying International Hospitality Management in Leeuwarden as I wanted to be practical and discover my Friesian roots. After my internship as Business Development & Marketing Coordinator at London Hilton on Park Lane, I moved back to Amsterdam. One thing I’m sure off, I will never stop learning. I am very curious and enjoy gaining knowledge. When I am passionate about something I to devote myself completely to it. The same went for example when learning Mandarin. When I knew I wanted to learn the language just within a few weeks I saved enough money, quit my side job and went on a plane to China at age 23. In a short time, I spoke pretty good Mandarin if I may say so and traveled solo from South to North. After my return, I wanted to get a master’s degree and I completed the study Policy Communication and Organization at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Besides working I love to throwing myself onto different courses: Spoken word, rock climbing, reiki. you name it! I am still in doubt about an astronomy course in Artis”.


From network to new work

Before Ellen joined Be Empowered, she worked as Head of Admissions (fancy word for Sales Manager) at a networking society on the Herengracht. “It was a place where members, regardless of the successful positions, could retract and be themselves to work on a more vulnerable side in a group dynamic. At that time I worked with Dynamics 365 Sales. When the network cancelled their location in the Netherlands, I was so excited about working with the application that I landed a new role at Dynamic People. Business Applications added value, it supports employees in their daily activities and it can accelerate an organization through all delivered insight. Even though I had never worked in IT before, it is a fun and challenging environment to be in.“


How did you end up at Be Empowered?

At one point Dynamic People founded the Power Platform label Be empowered. Niels Minnee and Sebastian Goy, with whom I had the pleasure to work closely with, would kick-off the label. I got the opportunity to take on a more commercial role, rather than a consultancy role, which I preferred. Now I mainly work as BD, also for Dynamic People, in Dynamics 365 Sales, Marketing and Power Platform solutions.”


How do you like it so far?

“I’ve been working with my amazing colleagues for almost 3 years and not a single day is the same. The organization is growing fast and that comes with the necessary challenges. I’m amazed how everyone is willing to think along and collaborate in a flexible way. The knowledge and enthusiasm at Be Empowered is such a thrill every day.”


Tell me something about yourself?

“My favorite hobby is: Spoken Word. A few years ago my sister gifted me a Spoken Word course and it turned out that I have a good sense of words and rhythm. Rhythm that I lack on the dance floor unfortunately. Anyway, I won the regional Poetry Slam competition in Rotterdam and I’m participating in the National Championship Spoken Word on September 24 this year. I also write and perform at events. This year I performed for Amnesty and the Dutch debating institute.”


What really gives you energy?

“I get energized from connecting with people. Making them with and between people. I also love to discover things and explore. I enjoy cheering on colleagues and making them smile. The main reason I turned myself into Chief Snack Officer at the office. I regularly spent the company’s snack budget, that I made up myself, as snacks make people happy on a Friday. Lucky my boss is fine with it.“


Do you have a motto?

“A lesson learned is a life grown (it sounds better in Dutch). Never stop doing what you love or do best, even when it feels like it’s you against the rest.


What is your favorite Power App?

“There are so many cool apps that have been built by my amazing colleagues. If I speak for myself, the Lunch App is definitely my number 1. When I’m at the office I can fill out what I want to eat via my phone or PC whilst mouthwatering at the pictures and I knowing exactly when the food will be ready as I can book a shift. What else do you want in life!”


Sparring with Ellen?

Anyone can schedule in an inspiration session with Ellen if you are curious which applications are already available and for which processes Power Platform solutions have been used. To see what we can do for you connect with Ellen via +31 20 303 24 70 or e-mail