It’s on Hackathon!

Our first Hackathon

Last Friday a first Hackathon was organized at Dynamic People for the Customer Solutions team. Divided into three teams, we were allowed to devise innovative solutions to further optimize our service process. As icing on the cake, there was a prize available for the winning team, a cruise during the Amsterdam Light Festival, which made each team even more motivated. I was in team Stockholm, we started by asking the ‘Sharks’ a lot of questions about the daily work and existing workflows.

From there straight on into a brainstorming session in which many good ideas arose. Because we only had 2.5 hours to actually come up with an idea and a presentation, we had to  be sure to make the right choices quickly.


For our external service process, we decided to build a Portal in which customers can login and check if they can solve their own problem. Self-service is a hot topic these days, so there should be a chatbot (Microsoft Virtual Agents) in combination with an FAQ page so that customers can find a lot of information themselves.

Afterwards we also had a discussion about the internal service process. We have produced many clever ideas to make improvements there as well. The time flew. At 4.30 pm we pitched our ideas in a presentation for the Sharks. Although we had little time to fully develop all the ideas, we came out on top, even though it was a really close call with team Helsinki.


We want more ..

It is good to see how many ideas can arise in such a short time. I think that more Hackathons will be organized in the future, whether or not together with customers, it is very inspiring and a boost for cooperation!

Do you want to join next time? If you have a good idea for our next Hackathon, please contact

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