Meet the team: Mark Exterkate

Be Empowered consists of a group of Microsoft Power Platform enthusiasts with an ambition to support people and organizations in their innovation process. Nice, those enthusiasts, but who are they exactly? Today we introduce you to Mark Exterkate: our Power Platform Consultant. With already successful projects and fantastic apps to his name, he has been working at Be Empowered for a while now. Who is he? You can read that here.

A piece of history

Mark grew up in Almere: “But as soon as I could, I moved to the most beautiful city in the Netherlands: -sorry colleagues- Utrecht.”. He studied at the Utrecht Conservatory. “It was actually a fairly broad education. It wasn’t just about music theory and playing pieces (Mark plays guitar, bass, keys and drums), but there was a real focus on creativity. This included composition, improvisation and a lot of collaboration with other disciplines.”

The journey

During his gap year before his studies, during which he worked with his band, he met a salesman on the street. That’s how he ended up in a sales job. “Before I started at Be Empowered, I worked in Sales & Account Management. The years before Be Empowered, I worked for more than 3 years as an Account Manager at an IT infrastructure company. I noticed there that I got more energy from coming up with solutions together with my consultants, than I got from doing sales.” Making things started with his education at the conservatory: being creative and coming up with new things have always played a very big role in his life. “I wanted to do something with that!” He was introduced to Dynamic People through his own network. “They were just setting up Be Empowered at the time. I immediately noticed that I was in a group of driven creative people, which gave me a lot of energy. This, in combination with the accessibility of the Power Platform, ensured that I could make the switch quickly.”

Empower yourself

Mark has been working at Be Empowered now for 9 months: from the official start of Be Empowered. He started as a junior consultant, but has since grown into a Power Apps Consultant. “Despite all the corona restrictions, time has flown by. From the start I was able to participate in the coolest projects. All colleagues are always open to lend a hand, but are also certainly open to the ideas of someone who is not yet hampered by too much knowledge. In the meantime I have also been able to do a number of projects independently. I feel like a fish in water!”



Who is Mark really?

“I love to build things. When I’m not making music, I’m usually building a musical instrument. Or a table. Or a vegetable garden. Or…” But what really gives Mark energy? Something he invented or made. “Whether it’s an app or a guitar, seeing something actually work is what I’m all about. And good coffee is also nice.” What’s at the top of his bucket list? “I find that difficult. I always have some things I want to do in the short term, but most of the time I do them almost immediately and something new takes its place. I will soon start building a type of bass guitar which to my knowledge does not yet exist for anyone. High on the list is to see that bass guitar in action at a concert. I’ll trade the coffee for a beer.”


Finally, what is your motto?

“If it doesn’t exist yet, I’ll make it. And otherwise too.”


Chat with Mark?

That’s possible! Would you like to know what Mark can build for you (after all, he is very creative: anything is possible)? Plan a coffee or a session with Mark via: +31 20 303 24 70 or mail to