Recruitment App

Recruitment App

The recruitment app offers a simple and standardized way of working. Because all data of the candidates is collected in one database, it is up-to-date. Because all data is in one database, a Power BI dashboard has been developed that is embedded in the Recruitment App. The candidates themselves are guided step by step through the recruitment process. A cloud flow anonymizes the contact details after a certain time. The data about the recruitment process itself will remain for reporting purposes.

How does the App work?

After opening the app, there is a complete overview of all applicants who have not yet been hired or rejected. This overview can be filtered and sorted in many ways.

From this overview you can open the data of an existing candidate or create a new candidate. In addition to the personal data, the role, team, seniority level and status of the candidate are also recorded. Documents such as CVs and photos can also be uploaded and viewed.

Once a candidate has been created, a meeting can be scheduled from the app. A standard message is available for the invitation based on the specified language and location. If it is a Teams meeting, a Teams-meeting invite will be sent, when it’s a meeting on location an Outlook meeting invite is sent. Any notes about the meeting can be recorded in the app, so that you always have all notes at hand when you start a meeting.

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