Power Automate Connection References

The low code Power Platform makes it easy to connect to the world, but this ease also comes with a downside: clutter…

By building for example Power Automates (flows) or Canvas apps the platform will generate automatically a connection for you. If you are lucky it will be one, but most of the time it will generate several during development.

Keeping the connection list organized is a must for security and further development. By using Connection References, you can downscale this list to one connection per connector (instead of three, or more).

And if you want to change all of your flows to another connection or user, you will only have to change the reference and all your flows will be changed.

Start by creating a new solution:

Add a new connection reference:

Give the connection reference a distinctive name and choose the connector you want to use:

Now choose the specific connection you want to refer to in this environment

Add a new instant flow, to preferably a new solution:

Choose manual and select “Create”

Make a new action, Outlook 365 – Send an email:

Assign the email to yourself and fill the subject and body.

Also check the connection used, you should now see the connection reference, besides the “clutter”:

Save and test it.

Then export your “connection references” solution and import it in another environment.

You will be prompted to assign a connection to the reference, assign one and import it.

Afterwards import you test flow and you will not be prompted about a connection, because your environment already knows what to use.

When the import is done, the flow is ready to use. It is on and fully configured.

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