Innovation is not just a race

The Formula 1 App

At Be Empowered we love helping our customers with their business challenges. By creating the right applications, we empower them to do better. Besides helping customers, we also enjoy improving our own organization internally. With Power Apps as our starting point, the road of opportunities endless. Let us explain why.


Race against the clock

Whilst keeping up with the rest of the match when it comes to digital transformation, it can feel like a race against the clock. Innovating does not always need to be about business. Power Apps lend itself perfectly for some lighting up by using a business application for some fun and games. Especially when you have some sports fanatics working for you. Whether it is soccer, cycling or water polo. Everybody loves sports and most of them love competition. In our company Formula1 racing is the topic of the week.


All ingredients you need for a winning streak

We decided to race against each other and between intercompany teams by building a prediction ‘Formula1 App’. The entire Dynamic People Group (Dynamic People, Dynamic Products & Be Empowered) is entering the competition by filling out Grand Prix predications before Friday 12pm and hope for the best. Each correct prediction equals a certain number of points. They also need to fill out fastest lap and lap time. Next to that the Team scores are combined to add another dimension to the tension.


Empowered to have fun

Bringing people together by using Business Applications does not always have to revolve around optimizing processes. You can use Power Apps to be ahead of the game.


Also want this app?

Do you also want to improve your employee experience? It’s possible! With only a Office365 license, you can implement the F1 app in your organization. No Power App license needed. So, are you ready to race? Get in touch.

Please reach out to us via: or call 020 303 24 71.

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