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PowerApps Portal Part 2: Sharepoint Integration

Part 1 of the PowerApps Portal series covered the collaboration with partners and customers. I briefly touched on the Sharepoint Integration and I will go into more detail in this piece.



The advantages

If you use SharePoint as an organization to store and manage documents, then you probably know the advantages. Easily share data and collaborate effortlessly, search quickly and carefully in the joint knowledge and thus increase productivity.


Well organized is half the battle

 With the standard integration for PowerApps Portals and Sharepoint, you enable Portal users to securely upload their documents. It is also possible and safer to only show documents to your customer and not send them by email. The integration allows documents to be displayed seamlessly on the Portal. Creating a subfolder is also possible so that everything is well organized.

Overall, the integration provides a more secure way to share documents with customers and partners. Documents are always stored in combination with relevant data, for example with order documents. Order documents are organized by order and are only visible to users with access to that order.

Dynamics 365

 If you also use the SharePoint integration in Dynamics 365, users can also view and upload the documents there. When your organization uses both integrations, your own employees as well as your customers and partners will use the full power of SharePoint in the web applications.

Do you also want to use a SharePoint integration with the PowerApps Portal? Or are you curious about other applications? Please contact

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