How to maximize the Power Platform

Integrate Power BI and Apps in your daily applications

In the (Microsoft) Power Platform it’s becoming easier to combine different tools to get the most out of your data. That is also since we have more options for data entry. In this blog I will demonstrate how you can make the best out of the Power Platform, by using Power Apps (Canvas App), SharePoint Online, Power BI and Teams all together. Get inspired yourself!

Remember our F1 App?

If anyone is a maximiser nowadays (pun intended), it is Max Verstappen. Pay attention: Max will be World Champion in just a couple of races. And since we are fanatic Max fans at Be Empowered, we decided to create a Formula1 app. Before every race, every participant predicts the top three finishers and answers some other funny questions: Will Maze(s)pin finish the race? Who takes the point for the fastest lap? Who predicts the fastest lap time during the race? Who will end the race as the last finishing driver? And all this data, when saved in the app, lands in SharePoint Online.

Don’t trust me, trust the system

Since some of my colleagues did not trust the point system at all (our own ‘FIA’ is even stricter than the real one), we needed an overview of the best predicters of the companies, divided in teams as well as users. This way, everyone could see who was winning. With my experience as Power BI consultant, I am used to work with Data Warehouses and data bases to create reports in Power BI, I figured I could use Power BI and the SharePoint connector.


To measure is to know

So, how did I do it? I created a couple of measures in which we compare the scored points against the number of predictions to check the conversions per KPI.  At this point, as you can see, our Customer Engagement team is still leading the race! Time for us to step up our game. If you want to create a report like this for example when it comes to budgets, you could also apply a similar logic to your own company’s data in the same way I did.

Not only do we see an overview of the points per team, but we can also have insights in the drivers our colleagues voted on. For example, one thing that stands out here is that only one time someone predicted Sainz as the winner. Every other prediction we chose Verstappen or Hamilton.

In the end we can also embed the report in our Microsoft teams channel, which looks like this:

Quite cool right?

Combine to shine

So now everyone in our organization can easily see the outcome per race in teams!  We have used Power Apps, Power BI, SharePoint Online and Teams.

Want to do the same but for something different? We embed tailor made applications (Canvas Apps and PCF controls) on a regular basis. Want to know more? Get in contact with us: or call +31 20 303 24 70.


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